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Samsung sold 782,000 units of Gear VR in Q1 2017

Samsung’s Gear VR was by far the most popular virtual reality headset in the first quarter of 2017. The South Korean consumer electronics giant sold more virtual reality headsets worldwide than Google, HTC, Oculus, and Sony combined, which is super impressive.

According to SuperData Research, Samsung was able to sell 782,000 units of Gear VR during Q1 2017. Only 375,000 units of Sony’s PlayStation VR were sold during the first quarter. Google was able to sell 170,000 units of its Daydream View VR headset. Around 95,000 units of HTC Vive and 64,000 units of Oculus Rift were sold during the same period.

This doesn’t come as a surprise to us since Samsung jumped into the VR market quite early, and it collaborated with Oculus to make a relatively inexpensive VR headset that works with its hugely popular Galaxy S and Galaxy Note series of smartphones. It has also been able to deliver a decent number of games and content for its headset.

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I just received my Gear VR headset along with the new controller with my S8+ purchase. It works great and with the new screen on the S8+ it looks better then the Note7 and Note5. The games keep getting better and the new controller is pretty cool. Way to go Samsung, keep it up.