Samsung gets approval to test its self-driving car on public roads

Samsung is interested in the self-driving car industry and over the past couple of years, we’ve seen the company intensify its efforts to establish a footing in this industry. The company modified a race track that it owns in South Korea to test its autonomous car. It will now be able to do that on public roads.

South Korea’s Land Ministry has given Samsung approval to test its self-driving car on public roads. The tests will help Samsung in developing high-tech sensors and computer modules aided by artificial intelligence that will enable cars to drive themselves even in challenging conditions.

This obviously doesn’t mean that Samsung is eventually going to sell you a car that can drive itself. Young Sohn, the president and chief strategy officer at Samsung, has previously confirmed that the company is not interested in building cars itself.

The efforts it’s making are focused on being a components and solutions provider for conventional car companies. Even the self-driving car it’s testing its technology on is a retrofitted Hyundai.

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