Samsung president reiterates that the company is not interested in building cars

There has been a lot of speculation over the past few years about Apple building an actual car. Similar things have also been said about Samsung but as far as tech companies go, it’s only Google that has built a proper prototype of its self-driving car and even that’s not going to be sold directly to the public. Samsung’s recent $8 billion acquisition of Harman International has got people talking about the company’s automotive plans again but a high-level Samsung executive has reiterated that the company doesn’t have any intention to build cars on its own.

“We don’t really want to build cars. It is important to recognize what we believe going forward is that we are not interested in the more traditional area of business or technology like powertrains or seats or bodies,” said Young Sohn, who is the president and chief strategy officer at Samsung, in an interview with Forbes. “We don’t add a lot of value in that area,” he said.

The claim that Samsung won’t be making its own cars comes after the company has spent the past year improving its position in the automotive components market. It’s working with German car manufacturers and other companies on components and software for self-driving cars. From the looks of it, Samsung wants cars of the future to run its software and use its components but for now it doesn’t appear to be interested in actually slapping its badge on a car and selling it directly to customers.


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