[Update: Changelog] Samsung releases April security update for the Galaxy S8+ in Europe

Samsung has started rolling out its first update for the Galaxy S8+ in Europe. At present, it doesn’t look like the upgrade bundles anything other than the changes included in this month’s security maintenance release, which includes patches for a total of 49 Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE) in the Android OS and an additional 16 fixes for the firm’s Galaxy-branded smartphones.

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As we’ve come to expect, the update is being distributed in stages. It’s already reached Belgium and Germany, and is expected to make its way to other countries in the region over the course of the next few days. If you’re already in possession of a Galaxy S8+ and would like to see if the OTA is ready, open up Settings, then select the relevant option from the Software Update subheading.

Update: We’ve obtained a copy of the changelog and can reveal that the upgrade also bundles improvements for the facial recognition feature on board the Galaxy S8+.




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O2 UK just updated to this firmware version, just over 300mb.


The annoying problem with the new update was it stopped you from remapping the bixby button


So fast with the new Phone.
Lets see how fast the “great” software update rate, will drop in the next couple of months 😉
Never buy a Samsung if you want fast and stable software updates 😉

Martin R.
Martin R.

So what are you doing here?
Only spreading your negativity?