Galaxy S6 and S6 edge Nougat update could start rolling out in India next week

It looks like the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge could start getting the Nougat update next week in India. This comes from a Samsung India representative, and it’s likely that the update will be made available in other markets as well within the next couple of weeks. As usual, we’ll let you know once the update starts going out.

The Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge started receiving the Nougat update last month. It was first released in Italy, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Ireland and Romania before being expanded to other countries across Europe.

The Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge should get the same new features and improvements with Nougat as other Samsung devices. To see everything that’s new in Nougat, take a look at our comprehensive list and check out the video below. We also have a few tips and tricks that can help you get the most out of the latest version of Android on Samsung devices.


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9 days 3 hours ago

The update is rolled out for both the variants INS and INU – samsung india representative.
But still didn’t receive it.
have anyone with INS model received?

Rajesh Ramesh
7 days 8 hours ago

N..haven’t got

Sumit King
8 days 10 hours ago

I am on INS AND din’t received

10 days 1 hour ago

El firmwares INU trae idioma español

10 days 2 hours ago

El firmware INU trae idioma español?

10 days 2 hours ago

Cuando actualizarán 925i pra TTT

10 days 18 hours ago

I’m using SM-G925I and i got update sday

Rajesh Ramesh
9 days 21 hours ago

Even I’m using SM-G925I..but haven’t got yet

Supreet P
11 days 12 minutes ago

When will SM-G925I get Nougat?

11 days 33 minutes ago

Mine on saudia region plz help me

11 days 3 hours ago

I changed my device to INU and received the update. finally

11 days 2 hours ago

how did u change from INS to INU

Faisal 123
11 days 2 hours ago

Flash inu rom 6.0.1 then u will get nougat..
Dont worry… u will get nougat within few hours. On ins

11 days 28 minutes ago

no need to flash

Firstly you need to find the IMEI Code of your Phone
Press *#06# to get the IMEI and copy it down
Press *#272*IMEI# on the dial pad
Select the desire CSC
The device will reboot automatically

Note: This will how ever erase all the data on the device.

Siddharth Sharma
11 days 2 hours ago

Hi how did you changed it please tell me

11 days 2 hours ago

those users who has not received the nougat on their s6/edge bcoz they has ins basebands

i have a way by which u will get the update


in dialer dial *#272*imei number#
and choose inu

thats it

11 days 3 hours ago

Hooray! Nouga came to me!

11 days 3 hours ago

No luck for INS

11 days 3 hours ago

Nougat has started rolling out guys. Might be staged slightly but you’ll get it eventually. Have been on it now for about 4 hours. 1235mb update from memory. Looks like INS hasn’t been released yet.

Running SM-G920I on INU Nougat – In Australia.

Mubark Hingorja
11 days 4 hours ago

Any news from nougat available in india ??

11 days 4 hours ago

Yes it is started to seed now as many users have reported. But still we haven’t got yet

11 days 4 hours ago

i have been checking for update every 5 mins, no luck

11 days 6 hours ago

INU models have started getting the update but not the INS models. Koi kutto se chudwao inn chutiyo ko

11 days 8 hours ago

Yeahh Android 7 nougat available Srilanka too :)

11 days 4 hours ago


11 days 4 hours ago

Just check it bro its available !

11 days 3 hours ago

No luck! BTW CSC: SLK. Been checking fronm 2PM.

11 days 8 hours ago

S6 INU 920i available now 1235.04MB

11 days 6 hours ago

cant get it yet. i have tried around 20 times

varun shah
11 days 8 hours ago

Guys i got the update just now
For indan variant g920i
How can i upload the pic on sammobile?

12 days 14 minutes ago

I know that in this week we will get nougat but in which day

11 days 11 hours ago

I don’t think we will get this week. Samsung has lied, past week they were saying “next week” and when asked yesterday they are repeating same thing “next week”. How much fools Samsung customer cares are haha

Jamie Stone
11 days 21 hours ago

Don’t even bother hoping. Chances are this is untrue just like the 100 other articles promising the update.

11 days 11 hours ago

Yes you are right, this is not true as Samsung are still saying “next week” although we are in the current week itself. Bunch of fools and liars are sitting at Samsung customer care

12 days 4 hours ago

so will we get nougat for s6 edge SM-G925I this week itself??

12 days 6 hours ago

When will 7.0 will launched in india for s6 920i

12 days 20 hours ago

Update isn’t out yet.

12 days 9 hours ago

My guess is it will be rolled out on this Friday, as has been the case for most of the devices, Friday is the day!

15 days 12 hours ago

When will be receive nougat update on j7 prime ?

15 days 13 hours ago

How can I update my Galaxy S7 unlocked to nougat 7?

Victor Babii
16 days 3 hours ago

Is anyone knows way I can’t update my galaxy s6 edge in uk? Thanks

16 days 10 hours ago

confirmed S6 nougat rolls out next week in india. Just dont expect it on monday

16 days 16 hours ago

Not got it on my S6 in the UK yet, however I’ve got it on a S7 edge and don’t really know what all the fuss is about as it doesn’t seem all that different than android 6