Samsung may have already started working on the Galaxy S9

The Galaxy S8 hasn’t even been released yet and a new report out of South Korea claims that the company has already started working on the Galaxy S9. Korean news outlet The Bell reports today that Samsung has started developing key parts like the display screen for the Galaxy S9 almost six months earlier than it did the same thing for the Galaxy S8 last year.

A source quoted in the report says that the display team for the Galaxy S9 started the development work late last month and is aiming to supply samples from mid-April. A month after the display samples come in, the team will then start developing other parts like the modules in phases.

It’s obviously too soon to speculate about the Galaxy S9 right now but seeing as how Samsung has said goodbye to flagship smartphones with smaller displays through the Galaxy S8, perhaps we might see two variants of the Galaxy S9 next year with 5.8-inch and 6.2-inch display sizes like their predecessors. Who knows, it may even have an optical fingerprint sensor.


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1 month 19 days ago

Dual rear camera with:
1/2inch 16MP CMOS for daylight
1/2inch 8MP CMOS for lowlights

Both with F1.6 OIS Lens
Dual Pixel + Laser Focus(for lowlights)

1000fps 720p/120fps 2160p 4K slo-mo

Electronic nd filter for long exposure

Front Camera :
1/2.7″ 10MP CMOS
F1.7 OIS Lens
Dual Pixel AF
Flash Light in notification light

1 month 19 days ago

You can see the hardware properties of the device you wrote in Galaxy note 8

1 month 19 days ago

even the note 4 its better than s8

1 month 19 days ago

The Note 4 is perhaps the worst phone I’ve ever used, maybe just a tad better than the Nexus S. Based on reviewed, comparing the Note 4 to the S8 is like comparing a turd to diamond.

1 month 18 days ago

agreed. worst purchase i ever made.

1 month 19 days ago

Yes, but if you glaze and untwine the turd, you describe perfectly the S8. Long and shiny :D

1 month 19 days ago

at least be objective a little

1 month 19 days ago

Ok, now your S8s are already old, and updates for it will soon stop – 6 more months or so :)

Welcome to the Samsung world. The new one is not even in stores yet, but it gets obsoleted by the already next year’s model :)

1 month 19 days ago

4k is totally unnecessary but as long is it’s scalable, the resolution max shouldn’t matter much.
It’s kind of funny that everyone is fawning over the s8 and + display and it defaults to 1080p.
They fell in love with a 1080p screen. That should tell you everything you need to know about resolution overkill.

1 month 19 days ago

Who needs 4k on a phone? Just keep the 1440p, make the phone just a little bit thicker to put in a larger battery, put in an integrated fingerprint scanner, perhaps dual cameras and stereo speakers, and all of that with a more reasonable price.

1 month 19 days ago

Just like S7 is a improvement over the S6, here’s my take on it:
Galaxy S9 (2018) = revised S8 with added features that were missing on the S8:

+ Embedded Finger-print scanner on the display
+ 3300-3500mah battery: to further increase battery life due to its 18:5:9 aspect ratio
& near 3k screen resolution
+ Dual-Camera: wasn’t ready for the S8, but it will be emphasised later on this year for the next Note & improved 8pm front-facing camera
+ 4K+ Display, or near 3840 x 2160p resolution: rumoured to be added on the Note 8 first
+ Supports true 4K UHD HDR content videos
+ 7nm Soc: Exynos 9 Octa (9810), or Exynos 10 Octa
+ Stereo Speakers: tuned by AKG
+ New Gorilla Glass (rumoured)
+ Improvements on bio-metric security features: e.g. Facial Recognition, Iris Scanner, Finger-Scanner etc
+ Android O/8.0 & new Samsung EX UX
+ Pricing improvements?

Guessing that the Galaxy S9 would be announced at MWC 2018 this time. Still, will look forward to the Galaxy S8′s launch this month hehe!

1 month 19 days ago

7nm? don’t think we can go that far so quick ;)

1 month 19 days ago

Well the S8 has 10nm processor, unless next year’s S9 may revise the 10nm processor that uses Exynos 9810 processor.

1 month 20 days ago

4K 1000nits 10bit HDR OLED with auto color gamut please

1 month 19 days ago

S8 screen has 1030 nits lmfao
and it’s hdr
and it’s oled
and it’s 3k

1 month 19 days ago

1000 nits only works with Auto-brightness enabled under direct sunlight. Checked on Display Mates review on the S8 that it can maintain peak brightness of up to 550ppi (Adaptive Display).

5770 mp
1 month 20 days ago

No any 4k display!
Just software!!!
After the delay in s8- if they want to come first at mwc 2018 they should start now…