Galaxy Unpacked 2017 app wants you to sign up for something unspecified

Samsung confirmed late last month that it’s going to conduct the official launch event for the Galaxy S8 on March 29. It has now released a Galaxy Unpacked 2017 app for both Android and iOS but hasn’t really detailed what the app is for.

When you launch the Galaxy Unpacked 2017 app for the first time after downloading it you are required to sign up. When you try to sign up it returns an error and says that registrations will begin on Wednesday, March 22nd. However, it doesn’t reveal what you’re registering for.

Perhaps Samsung is going to offer the live stream of its March 29 event through this app or it might simply be for the purposes of generating email leads that it can then reach out to with news about the new handset when it does arrive.

This is just speculation right now but we’ll know soon enough what it is that the Galaxy Unpacked 2017 app wants you to sign up for. You can head over to our APK page right now and download it on your device. It’s also available from the Google Play Store.


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Petsiotis Dimitris
Petsiotis Dimitris

Guys, do you even know that in Play Store you can view the description of an app? It says clearly on Play Store what this app is for.


You didnt give play store link !?


When Samsung finally reveals the new design concept of it’s new mobile “high end”, you, from Sammobile, didn’t see it?
…a lot of design speculations here but when it’s finally real (at almost) what Samsung will bring us, there is no headline about it!

Please, note that those lines just above and under the countdown are just the edges beyond the new screen of (probably) Galaxy S8, sugesting that the home button is not where it used to be…

sorry about my english…


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