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T-Mobile selling the Gear VR at 50 percent off

If you’re based in the United States and would like to pick up the Gear VR at a discount then you might want to check out T-Mobile’s latest offer. The carrier often discounts accessories significantly and it’s currently doing that for the Gear VR. Those who are interested in buying one can get the Gear VR at 50 percent off from T-Mobile.

The Gear VR normally retails for $99.99 but it’s currently available from T-Mobile for just $49.97. It appears to be the Gear VR headset that Samsung launched with the Galaxy Note 7 last year as it has a USB Type-C adapter.

Those who want to pick one up don’t have to worry about paying for shipment because T-Mobile offers free shipping on accessory orders of more than $20. Check out T-Mobile’s product page for the Gear VR to find out more about this deal. Hit the source link below to head over to the carrier’s online store.


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