Nougat now rolling out for the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands

At long last, Samsung is pushing out the much-anticipated Android 7.0 update for the unlocked variant of the Galaxy S7 (SM-G930F) and Galaxy S7 edge (SM-G935F) in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. As expected, the upgrade weighs in at a little less than 1.3GB and transports all of the new features baked into Nougat, in addition to a handful of extra bug fixes.

Chances are, you’re itching to start installing Nougat on your handset, so we’re not going to bore you with a long list of everything that’s changed. Instead, we’ve put together a short video highlighting all of the new features, which you can watch while the firmware is downloading. To see if the OTA is for your device, head into Settings » About Device » Download Updates Manually.

Nougat Tip: Get brightness control back in the notification shade

A quick note on carriers: While this rollout is for the unlocked model of the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge, a number of operators in the aforementioned regions pushed out the upgrade for their units a couple of weeks ago, and some started distributing it today — so if you own a carrier-branded device, be sure to keep your eyes peeled for a notification prompting you to install the update.

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Jafar Sadeghi
2 days 2 hours ago

Plz give update for HONG KONG.

22 days 10 hours ago

where is s7 edge from Brazil?

23 days 4 hours ago

Definetely my last phone from samsung

25 days 10 hours ago

even Romania and burglary get it before France shame Samsuns shame on you for this mess…:( we should get it first

25 days 11 hours ago

France when s7 unlocked ???

25 days 14 hours ago

Belgium – Orange – still no update and security patch december. Why always so slow…

20 days 15 hours ago

Because Orange bought the phones trough Luxembourg for tax evasion. Only Proximus branded phones got the update in Belgium. All other galaxy s7 devices are from Luxembourg.

25 days 15 hours ago

qui a reçu cette mise a jour en Belgique ?

Kevin Borkloe
25 days 15 hours ago

Oh come on samsung. Almost every country bordering Ukraine has gotten the update. Pleeaaassse release it for Ukraine already!!!!!

Darin Ridgeway
26 days 2 hours ago

Iran gets Nougat before Verizon. WTF?

26 days 3 hours ago

Pour ceux qui ont les S7/S7Edge XEF faudra attendre la maj Android7 non pas le mois de Mars mais aux mois Avril/Mai voire plus.
Source via SamsungFr.

Abdel Boura
26 days 2 hours ago

Sérieux!!!!!!!!!!!! mdrr tu as le lien de la new?

Muhammed yaseen
26 days 6 hours ago

Anyone knows when will it be released in South Africa? For the s7 edge G935f

Nariman G
26 days 7 hours ago

It is realised in Iran too!
Thank u Samsung!!

26 days 12 hours ago

Finally received the Nougat update for G935F DBT Version, but this versions includes still the security patch from january….

26 days 13 hours ago


26 days 16 hours ago

Still waiting for android nougat for my s7 edge in Mauritius plz release it

26 days 16 hours ago

Any Infos when you will add the download links for G935F DBT Version for example? Still don’t received the Nougat update OTA nor SmartSwitch

27 days 4 minutes ago

Its not out in Belgium unless you bought/contract from proximus provider. All the phones in Belgium have country code Luxembourg (tax evasion i guess). So we are still on december security patch level and its march. Nothing has changed since the last 4 years. The update policy is rediculous.

27 days 1 hour ago

Portugal still nothing s7 edge!!!!!!

27 days 1 hour ago

Well, not sure whether I would have missed the update.
The only new relevant feature could be the secure folder. Anything else that is relevant has been there already, but just a bit different.
- The multi-window is different, but not really better.
- Power-saving modes are no longer available via shortcuts. I have been using this function pretty often

As I expected: TouchWizz has been ahead of its time always. The new Nougat features might be relevant to non-Galaxy users, but for Galaxy-owners nothing really new.

27 days 5 hours ago

Still waiting on XEU here in the UK

26 days 9 hours ago

I feel your exasperation too. Coming up to 2 months after OFFICIAL release, after paying same money as everyone else and still waiting!
What did I pay the premium for?

27 days 6 hours ago

I honestly think this will be my last Samsung mobile. This waiting is ridiculous.

27 days 6 hours ago

This is getting really frustrating… By this speed of updating I don’t when other phone’s will get update…

27 days 8 hours ago

Still waiting in LT. Baltic region is always forgotten. If Note 8 wont be mind blowing I will move on to Pixel. This in my opinion is unacceptable main competitors of Samsung push update to all at same time. We all paid the same price for this phone lol

26 days 4 hours ago

Just got Nougat update s7 edge LV(Baltics).

27 days 8 hours ago

what about France xef neverlocked s7 ???

27 days 7 hours ago

We still waiting :(

27 days 8 hours ago

Waiting for ulocket update for Spain, lot of sales of S7 here and Samsung Pay but still no nugat