Slide-out, expandable displays join foldable smartphones in latest Samsung patents

We know the foldable smartphone era is soon to dawn upon us, seeing that Samsung has been filing foldable smartphone patents for some years now and continues filing them to this day: patents that are considering biometric ID forms as well as changing the face of its budget-friendly smartphone lineup.

Well, just when you thought foldable smartphones were the only “next big thing,” Samsung takes innovation one step further. In its latest design patents, Samsung is now considering expandable, slide-out displays as an additional phenomenon for its upcoming devices. Slide-out expandable displays would allow users to slide the display in when using the device for basic phone and internet functions, but slide the expandable display out when watching movies and TV shows or gaming.

Of course, foldable smartphones return in one of the two design patents, showing the foldable smartphone that we’ve come to expect of the phenomenon. The smartphone display (a single, flexible display) has a center hinge on the side that will be use to fold the smartphone in half, with it appearing to be something of a book-like shape.

Slide-out, expandable displays are definitely a new area for Samsung, but the Korean giant has spent far more time in creating foldable smartphone designs and plans to showcase a prototype device at MWC 2017. The company has patented foldable tablets as well, particularly one with a built-in keyboard and stand.

Check out more of Samsung’s design at the link below.

slide-out expandable displays samsung patent

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