Samsung patents a foldable tablet with built-in keyboard and stand

We’ve seen a lot of rumors, reports and patents concerning Samsung’s foldable smartphone but the one that’s come up today isn’t about a smartphone, it’s about a tablet. Samsung has been awarded a design patent for a foldable tablet which features a built-in keyboard and stand. The illustrations show that this device will have a foldable keyboard as well as an integrated kickstand at the back. The device has three foldable segments which when opened would combine to form a large display area that would be good for both productivity and entertainment.

Since this is a design patent it doesn’t reveal which materials will be used by Samsung to actually create this device and which components will make their way inside the shell. It’s just a visual representation of what Samsung engineers think a foldable tablet should look like. Just because Samsung has patented something doesn’t mean it’s certainly going to bring it to market. We’re still waiting on the company’s foldable smartphone so it might be quite a while before it comes out with a foldable tablet. It might very well have an entire lineup of foldable devices in the future if the idea takes off with consumers.


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