Android 7.0 Nougat for the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge expanding to a slew of countries today

It looks like today is the day that the Nougat update for the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge will make its true global debut. Samsung has pushed the update to only a handful of countries since the rollout began last month, but the update seems to be reaching a lot more markets today, particularly in Europe and the Middle East. The official Nougat firmware for these regions are now available for download from our firmware section (here for the S7 and here for the S7 edge), and the update should also be making its way to devices over the air in the coming days.

As always, those unwilling to wait can download the firmware for their country from our database and do a manual upgrade using a PC; the update should also be available through Samsung’s Smart Switch program. To see what’s new on the latest version of Android, don’t forget to take a look at our comprehensive list of features. You can also check out the video below for a quick walkthrough, and check out a few tips and tricks to get the most out of Nougat on your Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 edge.

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2 months 17 days ago

Android 7.0 Galaxy S7 SM-G930F version XEF (France)
Est-ce pour cette année 2017?
Surtout comment cela se fait-il qu’Orange à déjà Android 7 avant les versions XEF!!!!!!

2 months 19 days ago

NOUGAT note 5 for Latin America when????????

2 months 19 days ago

Nougat available in Norway today!!!!

2 months 19 days ago

But not for everone in Norway my S7 Edge (shoppet at Telenor)with Telenor hasn’t. Not Even with manually options. I have Samsung tv’s, sourround system, a fridge and a Washing machine vert pleased with those. But their shitty uppgrade policy on phones both smal security and major os upgrades suck so bad that I either go for a Sony or Apple phone this spring. Looks like I still Get about 300€ -350€ for my Edge.

2 months 20 days ago

In Portugal to the s7 edge still nothing…..

2 months 22 days ago

Android 7.0 s7 edge from Brazil?

2 months 23 days ago

when will atnt galaxy s7 will update in pakistan??

2 months 25 days ago

When is the Nougat update launching in Lebanon? I mean come on its been released since September…. that’s the only thing that sucks about Samsung… software takes too much time.

2 months 27 days ago

Nougat Update in Germany is there!
DBT Version downloading 1232.44 MB on S7 Edge G935F.

2 months 27 days ago

PHN update downloading OTA now for the G935F. I’ve double checked, my CSC is definitely PHN so unbranded Netherlands Nougat is on its way!

2 months 29 days ago

update android 7/Galaxy s7 for iran???

3 months 7 hours ago

4 months ago, waiting for the arrival of renovation to 7.0 phone Galaxy Note 5 and useless

3 months 1 day ago

Please hold the line, the next update slot is reserved for you……..but not for the G935F DBT – this phone won’t be updated ever. Just enjoy Android 6.0.1 and the security patch from december.

3 months 1 day ago

I’m waiting for update to Android 7.0 for the Galaxy S7 no Italian brand are we kidding from 2.20.2017 which already had to be you released only one brand for H3G ridiculous you do not keep what you say, as always, because everything had to be done within 26 this month from 28 as give us a DATA SICURAAAAA !!!!!!!

3 months 1 day ago

Quando o Samsung Galaxy S7 borda do Brasil vai receber o android Nougat. Não deve ter atualizado?

3 months 1 day ago

Quando o Samsung Galaxy S7 edge do Brasil vai receber o android Nougat. Não deveria ter atualizado

3 months 2 days ago

Last phone from this garbage company .

3 months 3 days ago

Where is Nougat for the US Unlocked S7 & S7 Edge models SM-G930U and SM-G935U?

Nariman G
3 months 3 days ago

No updates for Iran yet.Cmon Samsung what u doin?

Gard Amundlien
3 months 3 days ago

Tired waiting, this my last Samsung going back to Sony. My mothers Sony zx recived nougat in desember(Telenor operator norway), and works well. Too bad I like my s7 Edge, but like phones with updated software better. Nougat have been out since september. Maybe it is better too send your Samsung phones AS clean android software if Samsung engineers are too busy with the coming phones.

3 months 3 days ago

Still no update for Norway I see. Almost every other country has a file there now.. my purchasing power is telling me that I will be getting a different brand the next time. Sorry Shamesung.

3 months 4 days ago

Good day but when you release the aggionamento for galaxy s7 no brand in Italy had been told that started from 20.02.2017 and still not get anything you hypocrites just !!!!!!

3 months 4 days ago

Des nouvelles du s7 edge G935FXXU1BPLB pour Android nougat merci

Okurumeh Jeffrey
3 months 4 days ago

Please will there eventually be 7.0 upgrade for note 4?

3 months 5 days ago

Any news for the German unbranded Version (DBT) of G935F? no, as you can see by this answer via twitter from @samsungDE h**ps://

3 months 5 days ago

Hi, when will Nougat come to Netherland Vodafone?