Samsung to source Galaxy S8 batteries from Sony as well

Samsung absolutely does not want a repeat of what it had to go through with the Galaxy Note 7. A detailed investigation into the Galaxy Note 7 debacle revealed that batteries supplied by both Samsung SDI and ATL had defects which caused the handset to literally go up in flames. While Samsung SDI will continue to supply batteries for the Galaxy S8, Samsung is reportedly diversifying its battery supply chain to reduce the chances of something like that happening again.

It was recently reported that Samsung had inked a supply agreement with Japan’s Murata Manufacturing in order to source batteries for the Galaxy S8. Citing people familiar with the matter, The Wall Street Journal is now reporting that Samsung has selected Sony as the third battery supplier for the Galaxy S8.

Samsung is now said to be sourcing lithium-ion battery packs for the Galaxy S8 from the battery unit of Japan’s Sony Corp. Since supply chain agreements are usually not confirmed, it’s unlikely that either company will confirm this new relationship.

It goes without saying that just because there was a problem with the Galaxy Note 7 it doesn’t necessarily mean that the Galaxy S8 is going to suffer from it as well. However, this goes to show that Samsung is going the extra mile to be absolutely certain that it doesn’t have to deal with something like the Galaxy Note 7 recall ever again.

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