Samsung’s aiming to start producing 7nm class chipsets in early 2018

If a new report originating from South Korea is anything to go by, it would appear that Samsung is aiming to start producing 7nm class chipsets in early 2018. It’s believed that the firm has introduced extreme Ultraviolet Exposure Equipment (EUV) in the logic process to help secure the competitiveness of the 7nm chip in terms of performance and power consumption.

“We expect 7nm technology to be challenging for all of the patterning scaling. [Samsung] will lead the most advanced technology with the same competitiveness as 14nm and 10nm,” said Dr. Heo Kuk, Managing Director of Samsung Electronics’ System LSI Division. He then went on to add that the company will also be further stabilizing its 14nm manufacturing process to keep it at the top of the game.

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In 10 years time I expect we’ll be using pico chipsets!