Samsung could put Galaxy Note 7 blame on ‘irregularly sized’ batteries and manufacturing flaws

Samsung recently announced that it would reveal the results of its Galaxy Note 7 investigation on Monday. However, The Wall Street Journal claims that it has managed to eek out information regarding the results from “people familiar with the matter.

According to the report, Samsung hired three independent quality-control and supply-chain analysis firms to conduct the investigation. These firms concluded that there were two faults in the Galaxy Note 7. The first fault was in the batteries manufactured by Samsung SDI. After preliminary reports of fire and explosion had started coming in, Samsung increased the production of the Galaxy Note 7 using Hong Kong-based Amperex Technology’s batteries to compensate for the shortage. The increased production introduced some unknown “manufacturing issues” in the Galaxy Note 7.

Samsung will put the blame of Galaxy Note 7’s faults on ‘irregularly-sized’ batteries and manufacturing flaws when it officially announces the results next week. The Galaxy Note 7 was recalled globally on September 2nd, but when faults continued in original as well as replacement units, Samsung killed the production and sales of the phablet altogether. More than 96 percent of all the Galaxy Note 7 units have been returned till now in the US. Samsung has introduced new measures in its manufacturing and designing processes to avoid any such faults in the future.


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