More than 96% Galaxy Note 7 units have been returned to Samsung

Samsung’s decision to turn the Galaxy Note 7 into a paperweight through a software update seems to have helped the company obtain more than 96 percent of all Note 7 units that were sold before it was recalled. We have been well aware that some Note 7 users had refused to return their unit despite a multitude of warnings and the fact that the device could burn up at any moment, but those users now seem to have done what’s necessary. It seems the return rate is limited to the US, or at least that is what can be gleaned from Samsung’s official announcement.

The recall figure has now reached a point that airlines in the US will no longer have to make a pre-boarding announcement about the device being a fire hazard. Whether the remaining four percent of users return their Note 7 is something that remains to be seen. Samsung will be releasing details on what caused the Galaxy Note 7 to burn up as it did sometime this month, and those still hanging on to their Note 7 will hopefully have shipped it back to Samsung (or their retailer or carrier) by that time, both in the US and in other markets.

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