Samsung Malaysia confirms final Galaxy Note 7 update, set for December 31st

2 million Galaxy Note 7 devices worldwide have been returned as part of Samsung’s global recall, but slightly less than 1 million devices remain in the wild – a testimony to the resolve of some users to hold onto a phone despite the metaphorical handwriting on the wall. While US carriers have confirmed their final Galaxy Note 7 update release dates and are making good on them (T-Mobile is the first in the US), Samsung is still taking measures to reel in other Galaxy Note 7 devices from around the world. The latest concerns Malaysian Note 7 owners.

Samsung Malaysia has confirmed that 8,000 pre-order Note 7 units will meet their end on December 31st at 9PM. Samsung is sending out push notifications to all Samsung smartphones in Malaysia, with detailed information about the final update and what it will do to remaining Note 7s. In short, as is the case with the T-Mobile update two days ago, the Samsung Malaysia update will drain the phone’s battery to zero and disable its charging capabilities. Once this update is downloaded, the Note 7 will no longer reboot.

Samsung Malaysia final Note 7 update

For Malaysian customers wondering where to turn after returning their Note 7, you can look no further than Samsung’s own Galaxy S7 edge that brings a free Gear VR along for the ride (virtual reality headsets, alongside of the word “free,” are never a bad thing). Additionally, Samsung is beta testing Samsung Pay in the country – so new Galaxy S7 edge owners who take advantage of the free deal won’t have to wait too long before they can start paying with their new phone.

As of now, we continue to urge all Galaxy Note 7 owners to return their recalled phone and exchange it for another. We also have a list of six Galaxy Note 7 substitutes to guide your purchase decision.

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