US carriers confirm release dates for last Galaxy Note 7 update

Samsung is going to release the last update for the Galaxy Note 7 next week in the United States. The update will leave the device incapable of charging and functioning as a mobile device by cutting network access. It’s going to work with the country’s major carriers to release it within 30 days.

Verizon, the country’s largest carrier, has already said that it’s not going to release this update on its network while rivals AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile are going to follow through but they’ll only do it after Christmas possibly because they don’t want their customers to go through this hassle during the holidays.

T-Mobile will be the first of the pack to release this update on December 27. AT&T will effectively kill the Galaxy Note 7 with this update on January 5 and Sprint will do the same on January 8. Verizon is sticking with its decision of not releasing this update on its network so far but it remains to be seen if it changes its stance once its rivals have gone through with it.

Samsung hasn’t taken such a drastic step to get people to return their Galaxy Note 7 anywhere else as yet. The next update that it’s releasing for the Galaxy Note 7 in Europe is only going to limit the handset’s battery charge to 30 percent.

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