Verizon will not help Samsung cripple the Galaxy Note 7 in the US

Earlier today Samsung confirmed that it’s going to release a new software update for the Galaxy Note 7 in the United States on December 19 which will render the device incapable of charging and functioning as a mobile device. It will cripple the handset to force the few who have not yet returned their Galaxy Note 7 to take part in the exchange and refund program. Samsung said that it would work with the country’s major networks to roll out this update within 30 days.

It turns out the nation’s top wireless carrier won’t be working with Samsung on this. Verizon’s VP of Global Corporate Communications Jeffrey Nelson has said that Big Red is not going to take part in this update because it believes the update poses an additional risk to Galaxy Note 7 users who don’t have another device to switch to.

“We will not push a software upgrade that will eliminate the ability for the Note7 to work as a mobile device in the heart of the holiday travel season. We do not want to make it impossible to contact family, first responders or medical professionals in an emergency situation,” he added.

Verizon has worked with Samsung in the past to communicate to Galaxy Note 7 owners that they need to immediately stop using their devices and return them to the point of purchase. It’s not going to go beyond that and cripple their devices remotely. Big Red says that a vast majority of its customers who purchased the Galaxy Note 7 have already replaced their phones with other models.


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3 months 18 days ago

No of course they wont, US is a protected species, you cant take anything away once it is given, but if it burns down your house and kills your family….who exactly would the Owners blame, Verizon or Samsung or both….A recall is a recall and Samsung has every right to kill this phone, what more do you expect them to do?
Again, if you ask me Verizon is pretty stupid and opening themselves up for litigation..the “holiday” excuse is another excuse.

3 months 18 days ago

It is equally as stupid to force an update that might shut down the ability to reach 911 or first responders to an accident, etc. That would also open Verizon to litigation.
There is not a person on the planet at this point who does not know of the danger in using this phone so at this point, those who choose to keep it, knowing of its recall and free exchanges given by every carrier are the ones at blame when when they endanger themselves….You cant blame Verizon for their position on this.

3 months 17 days ago

My god some of you are full of it…you return the phone to get another, how much notice do you need….Oh it’s the holiday season now…..911…excuse excuse excuse, typical…Verizon are going against regulatory rules of a recall and they should be very careful….All Verizon are thinking about is their Christmas supply stocks, they want new buyers/sales which pay not exchange ones, think about that excuse,

3 months 18 days ago

If someone is stupid, don’t blame Samsung for this. And verizon is being verizon. Nothing more to see. Only in US you have such companies. Your service providers control upgrade, they choose what feature to add or remove. In rest of the world, service provider simply act as data pipe. They have got nothing to do with software upgrade or anything. I have never heard of such retarded policies in rest of world. When I buy a phone from Samsung, my service provider has shit-all to do with it till the time i throw away the phone. No wonder why these companies give samsung and other vendors a bad name.

3 months 18 days ago

The issue here is not with Samsung or ANY worldwide carrier per se, Every Note 7 owner has now had months to initiate a free exchange to another device. Those who REFUSE to do so should now be considered on their on. If they prefer to keep the phone and continue to use it, then the repercussions should be squarely on that person and not on Samsung or Verizon (or any other carrier)…