Galaxy Note 7 will be disabled via update in the US on December 19

We reported earlier today that it was possible that Samsung would release an update in the United States to disable the Galaxy Note 7 completely. The company has now officially confirmed this. Samsung is going to release an update for the Galaxy Note 7 in the United States on December 19 and it will be rolled out through all major networks within 30 days.

Samsung says that 93 percent of all Galaxy Note 7 units sold in the United States have been returned and while it has reiterated time and again that customers should power down their devices and return them for an exchange or a refund, it’s taking this drastic step to ensure that all units are off the street. The update that it’s going to release in the United States on December 19 is going to “prevent U.S. Galaxy Note7 devices from charging and will eliminate their ability to work as mobile devices.”

The company adds that it’s going to work with its carrier partners in the country to notify customers through “multiple touchpoints” to encourage them to return their Galaxy Note 7. All financial incentives included as part of the exchange and refund program will be available to them.

The company has been trying to nudge Galaxy Note 7 owners in other markets such as Canada and Australia to return their devices by limiting battery charge to 60 percent and by disabling network access. This is the first time that Samsung will effectively be killing the Galaxy Note 7 remotely in a market and it’s likely that the company will take similar steps in other markets as well to get people to return their units.

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