Over 2.7 million Galaxy Note 7 devices returned as recall enters the final stretch

It has almost been three months since Samsung confirmed that it was recalling the Galaxy Note 7 for good and that the device was being discontinued. Those who own one are repeatedly being reminded to power down the device and take part in the refund and exchange program. Samsung has said today that more than 2.7 million units of the Galaxy Note 7 have been returned out of the roughly 3.06 million units sold worldwide after the handset was released.

The return ratio is well above 90 percent in major markets like North America and Europe but the ratio is lower in Samsung’s own backyard. It’s hovering around 80 percent in South Korea. Samsung has been taking tough steps in other markets to force people to return the Galaxy Note 7. It’s going to release a new update for the device in Europe next week which will limit battery charge to 30 percent. It’s also going to release the final update for the Galaxy Note 7 in the United States starting next week, the update will render the device incapable of charging.

Samsung is yet to take such steps in South Korea but if the ratio doesn’t increase there soon it may be forced to do so.

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