Galaxy Tab S3 release draws near as it receives Bluetooth certification

We told you several months ago that Samsung has a new flagship Android-powered tablet in the pipeline that’s going to be out in the near future. Recent developments suggest that the Galaxy Tab S3 release might just be around the corner. Earlier this week the LTE model of this tablet received its Wi-Fi certification and not too long ago it also got its Bluetooth certification.

Details about the specs of the LTE Galaxy Tab S3 (SM-T825) are slim at this point in time but one should expect flagship-level specifications including but not limited to the latest processor, a big chunk of RAM and just overall improved internals.

Samsung didn’t talk about a new tablet at the Consumer Electronics Show 2017 this week which is why there’s all the more reason to believe that it’s going to unveil the Galaxy Tab S3 at the Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona next month. We exclusively reported a few months back that the Galaxy Tab S3 will be released in the first quarter of the new year and that’s certainly how things are falling in line at this point in time.



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5 months 16 days ago

Anyone else expecting this to be the first dual curved display on any tablet?! I think it about time we got a tablet without thick bezels (admittedly the smaller Tab S models had small bezels but a tablet is meant to be a big screen and I think the larger screen sizes should have thin bezels too)

5 months 17 days ago

Oh please Samsung, we’re waiting for Galaxy Note 10.1 edition 2017 or 2018 with ufs 2.1 memory and last snapdragon or exynos proc… come on !!

5 months 17 days ago

If they release another lame 264dpi tablet I’m going to be mad. In fact, it would completely defeat the point of a new release when the Tab S2 is still reasonably powerful, light, and well-built.

5 months 17 days ago

where is the TabPro S2

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