Galaxy S8 may get the S Pen as an external accessory

The S Pen stylus is limited to Samsung’s Galaxy Note lineup but if a new report out of China is believed, that might change in the near future. Samsung’s Galaxy S series has never come with an integrated stylus like the Note series handsets do. The report claims that one of the prototypes of the Galaxy S8 did have an integrated stylus but Samsung has decided against it. The company is now said to offer the S Pen as an external accessory for its next flagship smartphone.

Offering support for a stylus makes sense, particularly when you consider the possibility that the Galaxy S8 Plus might feature a 6-inch display. It would firmly be in phablet territory as the Galaxy Note 7 had a 5.7-inch display, so a stylus would come in handy on the Galaxy S8 Plus. It’s unclear right now how much the external stylus is going to cost for the upcoming flagship.

Samsung adding S Pen support to the Galaxy 8 is going to leave many Note fans concerned. There have already been rumors that perhaps the company might ax the Note series after the spectacular failure it suffered with the Galaxy Note 7. There’s no reason to assume the worst right now, Samsung may just be adding S Pen support to the Galaxy S8 to make up for the fact that there won’t be a new Note handset for almost a year. Even the company itself has hinted that there’s going to be a Galaxy Note 8 next year.

We’ve reported previously that Samsung is testing multiple prototypes of the Galaxy S8 which is why there are conflicting reports about the next flagship. We should have a clear picture of what to expect from the Galaxy S8 in the coming weeks. Rumor has it that Samsung will conduct a separate event next April in New York to unveil the Galaxy S8.


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4 months 28 days ago

And where do you put the pen then? I don’t use wallet or flip cases, so that is not an option.

4 months 29 days ago

You mean to ‘axe’? Where is the proof reading???

4 months 29 days ago

I would welcome S8 with S-Pen case ;-)

5 months 1 hour ago

Wishing to delay the Galaxy S 8 to April next year be the fingerprint system at the same home screen.And wishing to be on both sides and the bottom without edges and in the top bar of the camera and the speaker and LED indicators

5 months 2 hours ago

I fear it postpones not look for something dazzling competitors such as Xiaomi Mi MaxA giant screen without edges

5 months 2 hours ago

Imposed Samsung Tzbt weather program so that the beginning of the month have Hilal and grow up with a 13 day month, so it is Badr starts fading with the moon

Blood Wolfe
5 months 2 hours ago

If this is Samsung’s half-assed way to make Note users happy then I’m done with Samsung! I don’t want to be carrying around an s-pen separately, that’s just ridiculous! Integrate the S-pen into the larger S8 and do away with the Note name would be fine with me but if it’s not integrated then I really hope the Note 8 will be released. No phone with an integrated S-pen will make me stick to my Note 4 until it dies out on me and then I will move on and look at other brands.

The S-pen (and integrated!) is the main thing keeping me with Samsung and dealing with their idiotic ways and headaches (first app being selected is forced as default drives me nuts and it’s never going to be fixed on the Note 4, ridiculously slow updates and lack of support, etc…) so if the S-pen is only an S8 addon in 2017 that is not integrated into the phone, or no Note 8 is released, then bye bye Samsung!

4 months 29 days ago

Samsung wants to be Apple so bad it’s not even funny. Rumor has it that the iPhone 8 or iPhone Air will have support for the Apple pencil. The Apple pencil is already an accessory that cost $99. Samsung is probably thinking… How come we’ve never charged for our S-Pen? Why isn’t it an accessory also? Doing this means that Note users who usually can purchase the S-PEN as a replacement won’t be the only users buying the S-Pen. Smart!

4 months 29 days ago

Do not be mad. S pen can be integrated in flip wallet.

5 months 2 hours ago

Xiaomi mi mix without edges and better than the Samsung Galaxy S mobile 8 Next..And Samsung postponed to next April but will look something dazzling as Xiaomi Mi Max giant screen without edges

5 months 4 hours ago

Note have a place for that S pen, and you can use or not use it… I don’t need a phone with a pen that is in my draw that’s not practical. Maybe a case that can hold pen but still it would make phone even bigger.