Samsung’s latest Gear VR experience lets you ride with Santa

The holidays are a lucrative time of the year for gadget sales particularly which is why you see companies launch all sorts of elaborate marketing campaigns to try and get customers to buy their products. Samsung is no different. The company’s latest marketing effort is a virtual reality experience it has created for the holidays. It takes Gear VR owners on a ride with the man himself, Santa.

Titled “The Night Before,” this VR experience starts off with the viewer inside Santa’s sleigh. There are plenty of elves around rushing to load up the sleigh with gifts before Santa takes off in the most spectacular fashion. The VR experience takes viewers on a ride across the globe so it’s certainly going to be fun to watch. To experience it in the manner intended, you will need a Samsung Gear VR headset, but if you don’t have one you can watch the 360-degree video on YouTube, the only caveat being that it’s a little warped.

Those who are in Los Angeles or New York City can also check out the full VR experience at The Grove in LA and Herald Square Park in NYC.

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9 months 13 hours ago

How watch with a full VR experience with Gear VR? Native youtube app have posicional sound, but samsung internet for VR not 🙁

9 months 3 hours ago

The full VR experience with spatial audio with Gear VR you will get with the app Samsung VR for which this video was original released, a few weeks ago. On youtube it was only released later.
The Samsung VR app was formerly called MilkVR, is officially only available in the US and Canada but can unofficialy also be downloaded in other countries aswell via VPN in the Oculus store.

8 months 29 days ago

I tried to look there before write this comment, but somehow didn’t had found it there… I gave a better look and now i found.. ty

9 months 17 hours ago

It’s great fun! Loved it. Definitely one to watch on the Gear VR