Verizon reverses course, sets Galaxy Note 7 death update for January 5th

Verizon said a week ago that it would not agree to release the Galaxy Note 7 death update that would render the device useless for the sake of customers who choose to continue using the device during the holiday season, but Big Red is now having a change of heart (or, as some would say, a clarification on its earlier statement). Verizon now intends to push out the update on January 5, 2017, after the holiday season has ended.

According to Verizon’s own FAQ page, under the question “Is Verizon Wireless disabling my Note 7?” comes the answer, “Verizon will not be pushing this software update to your device until January 5, 2017.” The goal of waiting until January 5th is to allow customers to use their Note 7s for travel and safety during the holidays, as inclement weather in certain parts of the world make smartphone access a tool for survival.

We’re sure that this news will upset the most ardent of Note 7 fans who continue to use their device despite the constant advice to turn the device in for another. This is an additional upset on top of Big Red’s decision to force its Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge users out of Samsung’s Galaxy Beta Program that provided access to new features in the upcoming Android Nougat update.

At this point, Verizon users, take advantage of the availability of the Blue Coral Galaxy S7 edge that won’t replace your Note 7 but may make it feel more like “home” than you were expecting.

Verizon customers, what do you think? Glad to see Verizon comply with Samsung’s disabling death update, or upset that Big Red is doing the same thing as other carriers? Planning to trade your device in now that you’ve read about this, or planning to hold out a little longer?


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