Rumor: Galaxy S8 may be the first smartphone to feature Bluetooth 5.0

It appears that the Galaxy S8 is going to be a smartphone of many firsts. The handset is likely to be the first smartphone to feature optical fingerprint recognition and we’ve now heard that there’s a possibility that the Galaxy S8 may be the first smartphone to come with Bluetooth 5.0.

Bluetooth 5.0 was officially adopted by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group as the latest version of the core specification last week. Bluetooth 5.0 promises faster speed, longer range and larger broadcast message capacity. It also provides improved interoperability and coexistence with other wireless technologies. Bluetooth SIG says that the latest standard has four times the range, two times speed and eight times broadcast message capacity as compared to Bluetooth 4.0. The group expects devices with Bluetooth 5.0 to arrive “within two to six months.”

Samsung is one of the members of the Bluetooth Special Interest Group and its upcoming flagship – the Galaxy S8 – in undoubtedly going to be one of the biggest smartphones of 2017. It makes perfect sense for the Galaxy S8 to be the first smartphone to feature the new Bluetooth standard.

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Oliveira Alex Domingues
5 months 13 days ago

é pessoal entendo que o “Projeto Galaxy Note 7″não saiu como a Samsung pretendia sendo um fiasco talvez um detalhe na construção deixando a bateria sem espaço físico para “respirar” tenha feito tantos aparelhos explodirem.
Mais a Samsung não deixou de prestar a assistencia a esses consumidores lembro que a Samsung deu inumeras alternativas de compra colocando a disposição do mercado consumidor smartphones de baixo,medio e alto custo dando oportunidade para grande parte de consumidores.
Em contra partida na contra mão disso tudo a Apple so faz Gadgets para um tipo de publico sim aquele que tem dinheiro sobrando para dar mais de 4000 reais em um smartphone que so vai durar 3 anos enfim vamos confiar na Samsung ela tem créditos !

5 months 13 days ago

Err if you believe the Note 7 Samsung root cause (pushing the design envelope to quick and hard), the the 8 may well be another recall disaster.

Samsung stop trying to be Apple, be Samsung thats why we buy the hardware.

5 months 13 days ago

I’m tired of profoundly ignorant and misinformed people like you always spewing delusional nonsense about Samsung copying Apple. Just stop already.

5 months 13 days ago

“It makes sense” “may be”

What a scoop!

5 months 13 days ago

is this a rumor or speculation on your part? Also, Honor is expected to unveil a smartphone this month with an ultrasonic fingerprint sensor.