Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 investigation will go beyond batteries

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 investigation will go beyond batteries, reveals Reuters. The South Korean company will examine every aspect of the faulty handset, including hardware, software and the manufacturing process to pinpoint the specific cause of the fires that led to it being forced to issue a second of recall all units in circulation and discontinue the device.

During a shareholder meeting held on Thursday, Samsung Co-Chief Executive J.K. Shin announced that the firm had distributed 1.47 million replacement models of the Galaxy Note 7 following its first official recall on September, 15. Since then it has been able to obtain 90 of the 119 devices involved in a fire, of which 55 have already been identified to be relevant to a battery issue.

It’s not only Samsung looking into the root cause of the Galaxy Note 7 explosions, though. The South Korean government is also conducting its own probe on five units that were involved in explosions in the country. The research is being conducted in the Korea Testing Laboratory, where X-rays and tomography are being used to determine exactly what caused the handsets to burst into flames.

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