T-Mobile Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge receive October 2016 security patch

The T-Mobile Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge received Marshmallow in June (and the July security patch 3 months ago) which shows Samsung’s commitment to one of its two-year-old veteran high-end smartphones. At the same time, however, while OEMs are busy committing to that 2-year window, they must also commit to an additional year of security patches: in other words, system updates are done for 2 years, but security patches are done for 3 years. This means that smartphone users who choose to hang onto their aging smartphones can have an additional 12 months’ peace of mind before getting a newer model.

In the case of T-Mobile Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge customers, the day has arrived for you to receive the October 2016 security patch. Readers over at tech site TmoNews received the update today. According to the changelog, the new Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge update (versions N910TUVU2EPJ2 and N910T3UVU3EPJ2) weighs 250.67MB in size and brings the October 2016 security patch (the first security patch to grace the device since this summer) with the usual bug fixes and enhancements — though T-Mobile cautions Note 4 and Note Edge users to make sure they’ve installed the current OS update first. Check the T-Mobile versions in the screenshot below.

The October 2016 security patch rolling out to T-Mobile Galaxy Note 4 and Galaxy Note Edge users is ahead of the game in the US with the Note 4, with the new October security patch rolling out to European Galaxy Note 4 units as well. Verizon Galaxy Note Edge users, for example, just received the September 2016 security patch a week and a half ago, so T-Mobile customers can be proud. You can head over to system updates and check for new system update or visit the source link below to get the new security patch on your handset.

Have you gotten the latest security patch yet?

T-Mobile Galaxy Note 4 October 2016 security patch


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As we didn’t get the Note 5 in UK, and the N7 was a disaster, then I reckon Samsung should give the last true Note, the Note 4 another year of firmware and security updates.
Wishful thinking, lol.


Got the update yesterday (10/24) evening.


Thank you for your comments, my self, I wait to see if a device is worth my money. My Note 4 will not be 2 years old until March. I purchased it because the S 6 for me, was a total failure. Due to my expectations after purchasing two S 5 s, for my wife and daughter. The S 7 and Note 7 are better but, for a sealed basically disposable device, it should be cheaper. I run 1.5 to 2 charge cycles a day working from this device. One battery will not last 2 years. I don’t have time… Read more »