[Update: South Korea too] Latest Galaxy Note 7 update for Europe will limit battery charge to 60%

Samsung first rolled out a software update for the Galaxy Note 7 about a month ago in Australia to limit the handset’s battery charge to 60 percent. It was a precautionary measure by the company to reduce the odds of the Galaxy Note 7′s battery catching fire. Samsung today announced that it’s now releasing the same update for Galaxy Note 7 in Europe.

The company says that it’s rolling out this update in Europe as part of its “absolute focus on customer safety.” The update is going to be rolled out across Europe from Monday, October 31. It mentions that this is another measure that it’s taking to drive the remaining Galaxy Note 7 owners in Europe to exchange their handsets immediately. Samsung says that two-thirds of all Galaxy Note 7 handsets in Europe have now been replaced.

“Our absolute priority continues to be customer safety. This new battery software update is specifically designed to remind all Galaxy Note7 customers to replace their device at their earliest possible convenience through their local Galaxy Note7 Replacement Programme. We once again would like to apologise for not meeting the standard of product excellence that our customers have come to expect from Samsung and we sincerely thank them for their continued understanding and cooperation,” said Conor Pierce, Vice President of IT & Mobile, Samsung Electronics UK & Ireland.

Update: Samsung has said today that it’s going to release the same update for the Galaxy Note 7 in South Korea as well. This update which limits battery charge to 60 percent on the ill-fated flagship is going to start rolling out in South Korea at 2 am on October 29. Samsung has decided to roll it out in its home market following a recommendation from regulators.

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3 months 27 days ago

They already DID issue that update- now it seems that even the “safe” handsets will be forced into a cobbled state- presumable to encourage people to give in and let go of their Note 7′s. Samsung can’t force users to install the uodates, however. On receiot of their message announcing the planned unnecesary further update I emailed them AGAIN demanding a better deal. I’m not DEMANDING a pony, too, but things are only likely to get MORE expensive for them the less they offer in the way of a proper incentive. I mean who the fuck buys a Note device if they DON’T want stylus support? And what sort of company FORCES customers to stop wanting their products? Samsung have AGIAIN frustrated and annoyed me. Mostly for thinking that THIS time they WOULDN’T let me down. This time they had no REASON to. The Grace UX or whatever they’re evolvjng Touchwiz into has been a pleasure to use. The phone doesn’t lag. But Samsung still are fucktards. And still awful at customer relations. Sorry about the swearing. Virtual Tourettes cause by Samsung. ARROGANT FUCKTARDS! See? I want a Note 8 and a decent sized horse. And a gyosy caravan. And a lroper apology, Samsung. Show us that you CARE. Show us that as customers and end-users of your devices we are IMPORTANT to you. THAT WE MATTER. Otherwise that is the end of Samsung being trusted as a brand. They will be reduced to merely supplying components to everyone else. LOVE US, OR GET DUMPED!

3 months 26 days ago

Dare I suggest the only retard is you.
Perhaps use some intelligentsia first as you sound like a bogan.
If you refuse to update software and return phone, then the next step is Samsung will issue to all who have not handed in their phones for a refund or other product a disclaimer that will dissolve them and their carriers of any liability, either public, private or personal injury which ‘may’ be caused by the Note 7….so you lose.
Samsung (IMO) has been pretty transparent and fast in trying to resolve this issue, it not as if this has never happened before.
Grow up.
Edit: and I am not a Samsung fan boi.

3 months 28 days ago

Who is going to update to the firmware? In fact it is a downgrade.

What some of us want is an assurance of a better deal with respect to the next Note release, and you can have the Note 7. What more with EE not bothered about arranging collection of the Note 7 following the initial replacement with the safe Note.