Suppliers increasingly confident about the Galaxy S8 featuring an iris scanner and dual camera

The Galaxy Note 7 was Samsung’s first smartphone to feature an iris scanner but sadly the phone had to be discontinued due to battery issues. We’ve already seen countless rumors and reports suggest that Samsung will opt for a dual camera system for the Galaxy S8. The company’s suppliers are now increasingly confident about the possibility of Samsung also deciding to offer the iris scanner with the Galaxy S8 as it seeks to plug its losses caused by the Galaxy Note 7.

Since Samsung doesn’t use the same camera for flagships year after year it’s highly likely that improvements to the camera will be made. For now, it’s believed that the Galaxy S8 will feature a dual camera which will help suppliers and module makers increase their revenue. That’s because the setup will require two separate camera modules as well as multiple high-end and low-end components aside from the two lenses.

The iris scanner was truly one of the biggest features of the Galaxy Note 7 and that might be the case for the Galaxy S8 as well. Samsung is reportedly going to stick with the same suppliers that supplied it with the iris scanner for the Galaxy Note 7. The company was working with partners to build more solutions that use the iris scanner but that has now been put on the backburner as Samsung no longer has a device in the market with this biometric technology. We can expect the company to show off some of these solutions when it comes out with the Galaxy S8, provided it does have an iris scanner because nothing is known for sure now about its next flagship as Samsung hasn’t confirmed anything about the Galaxy S8 yet.

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