You can now use the Galaxy Note 7 on aircrafts in India

India’s civil aviation authority DGCA has today announced that it has lifted the ban on using the Galaxy Note 7 during commercial flights. Before now, those in possession of the handset were not only barred from turning it on or charging it while on an aircraft, but were also banned from packing it in their checked-in luggage.

Airlines have, however, been instructed to inspect Galaxy Note 7’s to ensure that they’re sporting the green battery icon that indicates that it’s ‘safe’ and doesn’t pack the faulty cell that led to over seventy units catching fire while charging in the United States. If the green emblem is present, customers will be able to use the device and charge it during flights.

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As long as you have a device from the brand new batch you should be fine! I’m guessing all other airlines and the FAA will probably lift the ban on using the Note 7 inflight soon.