Galaxy Note 7 banned from check-in baggage in India

You have read countless reports by now that the Galaxy Note 7’s battery is at risk of explosion when being charged. Samsung has acknowledged the issue and it’s now working to provide replacement inventory within a week or so. It’s going to voluntarily exchange all Galaxy Note 7 units shipped since the release. Reports about exploding Galaxy Note 7 units continue to come in even after the recall has been announced which is why Samsung is urging all those who have one to take part in its replacement program.

To minimize the risk of a Galaxy Note 7 exploding onboard an airplane, the FAA has already warned passengers against using the handset while they’re on a plane. The Indian government has now banned the Galaxy Note 7 from check-in baggage. Passengers will only be allowed to keep the Galaxy Note 7 inside cabin luggage and they will be required to keep the device switched off at all times while they’re in a plane. “The order comes into immediate effect. This has been issued keeping air safety in mind,” confirmed India’s chief of Directorate General of Civil Aviation B S Bhullar. The ban followed soon after the FAA released its warning regarding the Galaxy Note 7.

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