South Korea orders Samsung to X-ray Galaxy Note 7 batteries, refund period extended

It was reported earlier today that the South Korean government had called on Samsung to extend the refund period for the Galaxy Note 7 which expired on Monday. The number of people seeking a refund was said to be low due to a lack of awareness among customers that they had the right to claim a full refund after returning the recalled Galaxy Note 7. Many have opted to replace their existing units with new, safe ones instead.

To ensure consumer safety, the Korean Agency for Technology and Standards has ordered Samsung and its battery suppliers to perform X-ray scans on the Galaxy Note 7 batteries. This will ensure that there are no lingering battery cell defects. They have also reached an agreement on the matter of extending the refund deadline. Samsung has confirmed that it’s extending the refund deadline for Galaxy Note 7 customers in its home market until the end of September. The company did say that the number of customers who came in for a refund prior to the Monday deadline was “very low.” Customers in South Korea now also have the option to exchange their Galaxy Note 7 for a different Samsung flagship and receive a refund for the price difference, this is an option that Samsung is already offering to customers in the United States.


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