Exclusive: Samsung working on the Galaxy C7 Pro and the Galaxy C5 Pro

We first found out earlier this year that Samsung was developing an entirely new series of handsets meant only for China. Four months ago the company officially launched the Galaxy C5 and the Galaxy C7 in China. These handsets have not yet been released anywhere else. We can now confirm that Samsung is working on the next iteration of its Galaxy C series, it has the Galaxy C7 Pro and the Galaxy C5 Pro in the pipeline.

The Galaxy C7 Pro bears model number SM-C7010 and the Galaxy C5 Pro carries model number SM-C5010. They are likely going to receive better internals as well as new software features, however, precise information about everything that’s new in the Galaxy C7 Pro and Galaxy C5 Pro is not available right now. We’re bound to hear more about these devices in the coming weeks. Samsung created the Galaxy C series to offer mid-range specifications in a handset that looks and feels like a premium one. It’s likely to stick with that strategy with the new iteration as well. We also exclusively reported recently that Samsung is working on the Galaxy C9 as well.


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Samsung are creating useless phones everytime.

Everyday I see a article saying samsung working on A1,B1,C1,D1,E1


More devices that wont see any updates.