Samsung updates S Health app with a new layout and more features

Samsung had announced a bunch of new features for its S Health fitness tracking app last month. Now, the company has released the update for everyone. The latest version of S Health (v5.0.0.0063) is now available on the Play Store for everyone to download.

Apart from expanding the list of recognized exercises up to 40, the newest version of the S Health app comes with a new feature dubbed ‘Together’, which lets users to create steps challenges with friends or any other S Health user around the world. The update also brings quicker heart rate measurement, a newer layout for My Page section, and an updated UI.




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10 months 6 days ago

That “Health Message” tab that’s always on top and always on the way is getting on my nerves. What were they thinking.

10 months 6 days ago

You can close that.

10 months 6 days ago

How do you close it? I can’t figure it out!

Why does Samsung keep messing with something that was simple and worked – think about 4 iterations ago. Every so-called update gets more useless and annoying…..

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