S Health becomes more usable with the latest update

Samsung has updated the S Health app today with some new features. Version of the app, which can be downloaded from Google Play Store, now comes with a larger variety of health content in some countries. You can now save records of step challenges, which were introduced in the last update. The step challenges will be saved using your Samsung account.

Other new features include an option to cheer your S Health friends using messages and an option to block unwanted people so that they can no longer invite you to step challenges. Samsung has also improved the security of your activity and health data using Knox. As always, the new app comes with slightly improved design, new menus, and improvements to user experience.

Here’s the complete changelog for the new version of the S Health app:


  • A greater variety of health content is available in some countries.
  • Save records of Steps challenges using your Samsung account.
  • Cheer your friends on with messages, and block unwanted people so they can’t invite you to Steps challenges.
  • Security is enhanced through being Samsung Knox enabled along with HIPAA compliance.
  • New menus added and design improved.
  • User experience improved and bugs fixed.

Samsung S Health Update v5.1.1.0005

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