Samsung adds a bunch of new features to the S Health app

Just as Samsung announced the Gear Fit 2 about a month ago, the company has added some new features to the S Health application. Some of these additions are based on the social aspect of fitness, such as competing with your friends and peers, matching the steps count etc. With a new feature called ‘Together’, Samsung is letting you create steps challenges with your friends and score moral victories over them on a regular basis.

With the steps leaderboard, you can compare your steps with other S Health users around the world as well as your friends. Results can be filtered based on your age group as well. Another tiny update is the ability to view all your steps taken together, rather than filtering them based on your devices (smartphone, fitness tracker etc). This combines all the data from trackers to give you a comprehensive look at the steps count.

In order to help you get a quicker read of your heart rate, the quick measure feature lets you simply place your finger on the heart rate sensor and place the device face down for the measurements to be taken. Once done, you can simply turn over your device to have a glance at your heart rate and other vital information. This will save users the time of manually having to tap the ‘Measure’ button to record the heart rate each time.

Samsung has finally divided the exercises in a different list with over 40 to choose from. This will help the S Health app get a better understanding of your workout preferences and ultimately give you a better and more accurate reading.

Lastly, the my page view lets you get a detailed look of how you have fared in the past week or so. You can check out the rewards that you have received, program history and much more. This will be used as a metric to set goals for you in the future.


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11 months 18 days ago

Does anyone Beta test Samsung software before its release? S Health only “auto” updates once a day which is woeful in itself although you can manually update between devices anytime.
The latest version is hardly out of Alpha stage and full of holes.
I’ve got a Gear S watch bluetoothed to a Galaxy S6 Edge + and my wife has a Gear Fit bluetoothed to a Galaxy S5. That works fine most of the time if you manually update periodically and they stay in sync.
However, with the “together” feature just released in S Health mayhem prevails. We linked the two phones together as promoted by Samsung to compete with each other in “walking”.
Here’s what happened. My S6 Edge+ showed 6000+ steps, my watch showed 4900+ steps and on my wifes S5 it showed my steps as 629. A similar pattern on her Gear and S5, all out of sync, but worse, her S5 showed my steps as 3800+
All we are trying to do is compete with walking but my phone and her phone simply don’t agree with each other at any time and I know from experience that both phones were incorrect anyway.
Once we reverted to “individuals” S Health went back to normal activity.
Advice, until Samsung can road test their own software don’t bother using S Health. Plenty of other good tracking software that can provide great results.
PS: I believe Samsung needs to setup a Web page to manage this sort of link as do most other tracking software. Doing it between phone handsets is a challenge for them.

11 months 18 days ago

Sorry. They can do all their eyecandy stuff, but as long as they don’t sync and share with others I don’t use it. And I need way more support for hardware….

11 months 18 days ago

They should also allows us to add more own foods and not limit the number we can add. I posted this on playstore months ago, but no response…

11 months 18 days ago

You simply just cannot wait for a response if you post it in the store’s app page. They probably didn’t see you.

What you can do is gather a league of angry customers (about 1000) and then send them a nice email of the features you all would like to be implemented in the app. I guarantee you that works.

11 months 19 days ago

This has been on the app for 3 weeks or 4. Late reporting again.

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