Samsung is conducting the Galaxy S7 event entirely in virtual reality

Samsung’s MWC 2016 event is going to start in just a few minutes, the company has opened the doors and has allowed the media to come inside and take their seats. They’re walking into a surprise. Samsung has hooked up every single seat – and there are hundreds of them – with the Gear VR. It’s actually going to conduct the entire presentation in virtual reality which is why people in the audience have to have the headset on, they’re most certainly in for a very unique experience.

You can see our team down below sporting the headsets, don’t they look fabulous? The event is just about to start, here’s how you can stream it online for free. This is also the first Galaxy Unpacked event to be covered in multiple angles and in 360 degrees, you can tap into that stream as well by following the instructions provided here.



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