Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge wallpapers leak!

The leaks aren’t showing any signs of letting up. Following the reveal of an actual Galaxy S7 unit in the flesh, a member of our forums going by the name J.K Shine has published what are supposedly the wallpapers from Samsung’s upcoming flagship. They certainly look like the kind of wallpapers Samsung would design and are somewhat similar in design to the wallpapers seen on the 2015 Galaxy S and Galaxy Note devices.

A total of 13 wallpapers have been posted, five more than the number of wallpapers that the Note 5 or S6 edge+ come with. A couple of them are darker than the rest, a theme we have seen Samsung adopt for its Unpacked teaser and also for the S7 and S7 edge’s renders that have leaked out in recent weeks. Of course, there’s also the fact that these wallpapers were designed to match the rumored black, white, silver and gold color options of the devices themselves. They certainly look legit, and we’re guessing they come from official S7 or S7 edge firmware that the poster has access to.

The wallpapers have two different resolutions: 2560×2560 pixels and 2240×2240 pixels (it’s odd they’re not all the same resolution), and you can download them all from the source link below. We’ve added a few of the good ones right here – just right-click (or long press if you’re on mobile) on the ones you like and select the Save image option to save them to your device.

Galaxy S7 edge  2

Galaxy S7 edge  5

Galaxy S7 edge  2 knox


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