Samsung launches exclusive themes for its new Galaxy A (2016) line-up

With a new phone come new accessoires. And also, apparently, new themes, as Samsung has launched a collection of themes exclusive to its new Galaxy A (2016) line-up. Last year, Samsung launched the theme store for its TouchWiz interface together with the Galaxy S6. Since then, more and more devices have launched with this feature, though some low-end models were denied the option. Now, the recently launched 2016 Galaxy A phones are the first to get a set of exclusively designed themes.

At this moment, there are eleven themes available that cover the range between colorful and minimalistic, making sure you don’t have to walk around with the same TouchWiz design as, say, the average Galaxy S6 owner. And we’ve checked: these themes indeed only show up when accessing the store from a 2016 Galaxy A device such as the Galaxy A3 (2016), or Galaxy A5 (2016).

This is of course no guarantee these are the best looking themes to be found in the entire store, but they cost nothing and you know what they say: there’s no accounting for taste. Still, it’s good to see Samsung pushing the possibilities its themes feature and store offer.

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1 year 1 month ago

Now those are some cool themes! I have galaxy A5 (the older version) and I have a few of the stock themes only. Is there a way to import them from the A5 2016 ?? If so I’d love to have them :)

1 year 3 months ago

Share them plz

1 year 3 months ago

That’s crap. I have the top of the line Sammy Note 5 and I dont even get access to these? Simple Black looks awesome. The calendar icon probably will still be broken though, along with the time stuck on the clock…maybe a mont blanc theme for us with the Notes!

1 year 3 months ago

How about a Dump please?