If you have money to blow, buy this thousand Euro watch face for the Gear S2

There’s really no shortage of watch faces that you can get free for the Gear S2, paid options are available as well, so developers can create some really great options and then sell them to earn a bit of money on the side. You wouldn’t expect them to cost more than a couple of Euro and that’s really how much they usually cost, but if you have money to blow then this thousand Euro Gear S2 watch face is just perfect for you. Never mind the fact that it’s absolute insanity to sell a watch face for 922.60 Euro, even more so to actually purchase it, for that amount of money you can buy like three Gear S2 smartwatches or even jewelry that has actual diamonds in it. So what makes this watch face so expensive? Well the seller points out the fact that “Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend,” wise words by Theophrastus, who was Aristotle’s successor in the Peripatetic school. So that’s like half the value right there, and it’s basically a huge virtual diamond that’s rotated 6 degrees per second, it does nothing else. If you look closely you can see that it’s not the easiest of watch faces to read if you’re in a hurry to check the time. For that kind of money you can actually buy a watch with some real diamonds in it from a respectable Swiss watch maker or you can just buy three Gear S2 smartwatches, spending it on literally anything other than this preposterous proposition would make much more sense.

thousand-euro-watch-face-1 thousand-euro-watch-face-2

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