Release of Samsung Pay for Gear S2 pushed to 2016 in the US

During the launch of the Gear S2, Samsung’s first smartwatch with a completely circular display, the company announced that it is compatible with Samsung Pay, but the feature is currently inactive. Samsung Pay was supposed to be released for the smartwatch in November 2016, but looks like the release has been pushed to 2016.

The information about this delay was mentioned by Samsung on Twitter as a reply to a customer query. There’s still no concrete information on the actual date for the release of Samsung Pay for the Gear S2, but we’ll report as soon as we get any update on the matter.

The Gear S2 lacks MST, something that mimics credit or debit card swipes, so the transactions will be carried out on this smartwatch through NFC. MST isn’t present in the Gear S2 due to its small size, but the feature is available on other smartphones from Samsung that feature Samsung Pay.

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