Samsung Z3 to be unveiled in Russia soon

Samsung is planning to take a big step forward for the Tizen OS in Russia by unveiling its second Tizen phone, the Z3, in the country on October 15. According to Business Korea, Samsung will unveil the Z3 at the Samsung Electronics Enterprise Mobility Forum in Moscow along with the Tizen OS. Many more countries are set to receive the Samsung Z3 as opposed to the limited countries that received this device’s predecessor, the Z1.

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Tizen is growing in popularity especially as the Internet of Things is growing in popularity. Along with Samsung, Intel is a major contributor to Tizen, and processor giant has released a 1:45 minute promo video for the Z3 where you can clearly see images of the black and pink models. The Samsung Z3 was launched in India yesterday, and it’s looking like a really promising Tizen device.



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