Samsung has started working on Android 6.0 Marshmallow for these devices

It’s that time of the year when Google releases the newest version of Android and everyone starts getting impatient about when the new version will come to their device, or if their device will even be eligible for the upgrade. Samsung has never been a company to formally announce a list of smartphones that will get a particular version of Android, so we often have to turn to insider information to get an idea of its plans.

For Android 6.0 Marshmallow we did exactly that, and we have been able to come up with a list of devices for which Samsung has started testing Marshmallow. As expected, at this point the list includes all of the flagships from the last year and so, including the Galaxy S5, Galaxy Note 4 and the Galaxy Note 5. There’s also the Galaxy S5 Neo, which is more of a feature-packed mid-range smartphone than a top-of-the-line handset.

We should point out that this list is preliminary, and just because your device isn’t mentioned doesn’t mean it will not get Android 6.0. Lollipop came to a lot of Samsung phones and tablets, and the case shouldn’t be too different for Marshmallow. As usual, there’s no telling when the updates will actually roll out for a particular device, and you can read this post to know why that is the case.

With all that out of the way, here’s the complete list (which will be updated as and when we get new info):

Model name Model code Provider
Galaxy S5 SM-G900F EUR OPEN
Galaxy S5 SM-G900V VERIZON
Galaxy S5 SM-G900H EUR OPEN
Galaxy S5 SM-G900FD
Galaxy S5 neo SM-G903F EUR OPEN
Galaxy S5 LTE-A SM-G906L LG U+
Galaxy S6 SM-G920FD
Galaxy S6 SM-G920F EUR OPEN
Galaxy S6 SM-G920T T-MOBILE
Galaxy S6 SM-G920A AT&T
Galaxy S6 SM-G920P SPRINT
Galaxy S6 SM-G920V VERIZON
Galaxy S6 SM-G920I
Galaxy S6 SM-G920R7
Galaxy S6 SM-G920T1 T-MOBILE
Galaxy S6 SM-G920R6
Galaxy S6 SM-G920S SKT
Galaxy S6 SM-G920K KT
Galaxy S6 SM-G920L LG U+
Galaxy S6 edge SM-G9250 CHINA
Galaxy S6 edge SM-G925F EUR OPEN
Galaxy S6 edge SM-G925I
Galaxy S6 edge SM-G925D NTT DOCOMO
Galaxy S6 edge SM-G925J KDDI
Galaxy S6 edge SM-G925T T-MOBILE
Galaxy S6 edge SM-G925A AT&T
Galaxy S6 edge SM-G925P SPRINT
Galaxy S6 edge SM-G925R4 US CELLULAR
Galaxy S6 edge SM-G925R6
Galaxy S6 edge SM-G925W8 BELL
Galaxy S6 edge SM-G925R7
Galaxy S6 edge SM-G925V VERIZON
Galaxy S6 edge SM-G925K KT
Galaxy S6 edge SM-G925S SKT
Galaxy S6 edge SM-G925L LG U+
Galaxy S6 edge + SM-G928A AT&T
Galaxy S6 edge + SM-G928P SPRINT
Galaxy S6 edge + SM-G928R4 US CELLULAR
Galaxy S6 edge + SM-G928F EUR OPEN
Galaxy S6 edge + SM-G928V VERIZON
Galaxy S6 edge + SM-G928T T-MOBILE
Galaxy S6 edge + SM-G9287C
Galaxy S6 edge + SM-G928I
Galaxy S6 edge + SM-G928C
Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910V VERIZON
Galaxy Note 4 SM-N910F EUR OPEN
Galaxy Note Edge SM-N915V VERIZON
Galaxy Note 5 SM-N920C
Galaxy Note 5 SM-N920V VERIZON
Galaxy Note 5 SM-N920R4 US CELLULAR
Galaxy Note 5 SM-N920P SPRINT
Galaxy Note 5 SM-N920A AT&T
Galaxy Note 5 SM-N920T T-MOBILE
Galaxy Note 5 SM-N9208
Galaxy Note 5 SM-N920C
Galaxy Note 5 SM-N920I


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10 months 13 days ago

Samsung galaxy note 3 n900 marshmallow release date plz

10 months 23 days ago

keep requesting guys for your model of phones and samsung would keep launching 25 models an year giving service to only 5 “Flagship” model. Are you fool SAMSUNG?

Was long samsung user but now this year bought 3 motorola phones within family (not advertising for Moto) but sharing, as i’m still using note 3 phones and Marshmallow for it is just hopeless. I know samsung’s policy, the development pressure. They launch so many models that they can’t keep up with updating all the models so they choose which “Customers” should get service. Even 450$ model get excluded from their list. And yeah don’t forget the shitty bloatware loaded rom if n when we get if.

Moto gives near stock exp…smooth and instant upgrades for androids. Do i need to say more?

Using any other but Samsung,,, first study the pattern of the manufacturer how they give service. AND this coming from a deeply hurt old samsung FAN.

No samsung for life now. SERVICE is what we seek not flashy design n specs. Now all give specs (even 180$ phones) you’re not exclusive anymore.

11 months 19 hours ago

SM-g900h camera failed to open in marshmallow update. Please help!!!

11 months 22 days ago

Can i install a official firmware Marshmallow 6.0 if on galaxy s6 edge sm-G925A AT&T i have now no duch language on mij Phone ,Will be a problem if i install ?!

1 year 1 month ago

lollipop not yet updated to 5.1.1 to s6 edge Samsung SM G925A and will update the Marshmallow ..

1 year 1 month ago

Can i install a official firmware Marshmallow 6.0 if has not the same PDA and CSC…it’s for Nederland and the difference between the Marshmallow is the version of Vodafone…Will be a problem if i install ?!

1 year 2 months ago

Does anybody knows what’s the difference between Samsung Galaxy S5 Neo ”SM-G903F” and ”SM-G903” (if any)?

1 year 3 months ago

Whn marsmallow 6.0 can be updated on my g900fd in pakistan plz rply

1 year 3 months ago

When marshmallow 6.0 can be upgrade to my sm-n910c note 4 in Pakistan please do reply

1 year 3 months ago

Hi.When arrived 6.0 for S5 G900F?Thx.

1 year 3 months ago

What about Galaxy TAB B SM-T355Y? Is it eligible for Android 6.0?

1 year 5 months ago

will note 4 n9100 duos get the Marshmallow update ?plz inform….

1 year 5 months ago

Samsung company only have notice on the S and not phones i am having Samsung grand 2 duos why my phone has not update available ? Actually iPhone in my opinion is better!! At least iphone customers having the latest IOS version .

1 year 5 months ago

Samsung not forget s4 All models

1 year 5 months ago

I have n910p sprint note 4 is that coming android 6 for me or not?

1 year 5 months ago

Where is Note Edge??
N915G :(

1 year 5 months ago

Samsung galaxy S5 Octa-core (SM-G00H) in India is on Lollipop 5.0. I just want to when Lollipop 5.1 is coming on air ? After Lollipop 5.1 how long Indian Samsung Galaxy S5 users have to wait for Marshmallow update in India ? Please provide legit information @ sammobile

1 year 5 months ago

just (S5 & S6) & (note4 & note5) ! other Galaxy series have no support

1 year 5 months ago

Even note 4 have not enough support…did not get 5.1 …waiting for 4.1 !

1 year 5 months ago

i requested to samsung plz add Note 3 SM-N900 for android marshmallow 6.0 update

1 year 5 months ago

Please samsung work on international gs4 i9500 for marshmallow or even 5.1.1! It has good specs to support it.
Also please try and remove the bloatware!

1 year 5 months ago

In SM-G900F appears “OPEN” aside to country letters, what means exactly, that only “free” devices of this model will be update?, and those who are “tied” to an operator, those not will be update?.

1 year 5 months ago

It means it would be for the model. And would be updated in some contrys. Eurob open means also it would start rule out from europe

1 year 5 months ago

Yes, ok, but my specific question is if “open” means that only update free devices, which are not “tied” to any provider, or others also will updated.


1 year 5 months ago

And meanwhile with a note 10.1 2014 bought in late 2013 I still have 4.4.2 — only now is there much activity that suggests 5.1 may be on the way, a mere year after google release.

It’s the last samsung tablet for me unless something changes radically, and the reason I’ve recently switched from my S4 to an iPhone 6s plus.

Samsung hardware is good, some nice ideas, good function.. The s-pen is amazing, but they are crippling it with the approach to updates, the plethora of models. It’s going to be ipad for me next (when this one expires), or perhaps surface… both have far superiod software update strategies. Android is broken here.

1 year 5 months ago

G900H is not updating the model of the phone freezes, G900H forgotten why

1 year 5 months ago

Are you high? The update not even out yet…

1 year 6 months ago

at least provide 5.1.1 for the galaxy GT-I9500. Its a capable device.

1 year 6 months ago

WTF!!!, where is the update for galaxy GT-I9500???