[Update: Well, maybe it will] Samsung Galaxy Note II to not get Lollipop after all?

It’s been a rather infuriating wait for Galaxy Note II owners when it comes to the Lollipop update. Being more than two years old, the Note II isn’t really eligible for any more major software updates given how the support story goes in the Android world, but there was still some hope that Lollipop would arrive for the device thanks to confirmation from one of Samsung regional arms.

However, as we’ve exclusively revealed in recent weeks, no Lollipop builds for the Galaxy Note II have showed up on Samsung’s servers, suggesting that the update might never come after all. Now, Samsung Gulf might have offered the final nail in the coffin by confirming on its Facebook page that the Galaxy Note II isn’t getting Lollipop. Given how Samsung doesn’t seem to be working on the update until now, it’s not really surprising that this is the case, and we’re guessing that hoping that Android 5.0 will make it to the Note II would be a fool’s errand at this point.

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Update: Well, it looks like Samsung can’t make up its mind. Following Samsung Gulf, Samsung Spain has offered a conflicting response – apparently, the Galaxy Note II is in line to get the Android 5.0 update, but Samsung will only release the update if no issues arise during its development for the device. It’s possible that the update really is in the works despite the lack of any evidence on Samsung’s servers, but we would suggest you not be too hopeful of seeing Lollipop on your Galaxy Note II, considering how confused Samsung itself seems to be on the matter.


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