Samsung UK: No Android Lollipop update for the Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4

Samsung UK is at it again. This particular branch of the Korean giant has always been rather active on Twitter when it comes to informing users whether a particular device will get updated to a newer version of Android or not. It hasn’t always been right – Samsung UK had said that the Galaxy E5 would not be getting the Lollipop update, even though this particular device never launched in the region and did actually get Android 5.0.

Today, Samsung UK is shedding light on another Galaxy device’s fate; it has responded to a Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 owner on Twitter and said that the tablet will not be getting Lollipop. Now, we aren’t very trusting of Samsung UK considering it has been incorrect in the past, but this time we think they might actually be right. Why? Because based on our information there is currently no firmware in development for the 8.4-inch variant of the Galaxy Tab Pro lineup.

We’re not saying that it’s certain the Tab Pro 8.4 won’t make the jump to Android 5.0, especially since the Tab Pro 12.2 did get the update, but with such a long time past since the Tab Pro 8.4 was released, it’s possible the tablet has missed the Lollipop boat. We will be keeping an eye out for more information on this matter, but for now it would be best to simmer down your hopes of seeing the newer version of the OS on your Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4.


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