2015 Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 leaked, features iris recognition at a glance

Each new year brings leaks of new-generation products whose predecessors we’ve seen the year before. Today’s leak comes by way of Menlo, California-based Stanford Research Institute (SRI), and the product in question is the Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4.

Samsung announced the Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 at MWC 2014 last year, but has provided nothing in the way of words or photos to suggest a new generation of the Tab Pro 8.4 is on its way. MWC 2015 has now come and gone, but it appears as though we shouldn’t discount the idea of a second Tab Pro 8.4 altogether.

SRI hinted at the second-generation Tab Pro 8.4 earlier today when discussing a new feature the Tab Pro 8.4 2015 edition will bring to the market:

Additionally SRI has entered into a supply agreement to start production and sales of the IOM technology-embedded Samsung mobile products for B2B applications. The initial product for this supply agreement will be a customized Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 tablet with a built-in IOM iris module.

For those who may not know, “IOM” here refers to “Iris on the Move,” a name given to iris recognition that retrieves your eye scan with just a glance. Old iris recognition technology requires you to remain still to obtain a proper eye scan, but the new IOM technology will retrieve your eye scan without the need for complete stillness. IOM is currently being used at airports, work stations, access control stations, and can work in both indoor and outdoor environments.

SRI goes on to refer to the Tab Pro 8.4 in question as “this new model” and says that the new tablet “will be introduced in the SIA New Product Showcase at ISC West 2015,” which happens to be April 15-17, 2015 (a few weeks away).

With the unveiling of IOM in this new Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4, it shouldn’t be long now before Samsung announces the second-generation tablet. Iris on the Move (IOM) technology has only been heralded for enterprise devices, but Samsung has considered the possibility of implementing an iris scanner into the Galaxy S5 and Galaxy Note 4. Whether or not an iris scanner will appear this year in the Note 5 is still up for grabs.

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