Samsung Business created to bridge the gap between IoT and enterprise

Conversation about the Internet of Things or IoT usually revolves around the benefits of connected objects at home. Samsung is highlighting the potential that IoT has for enterprise. To demonstrate its commitment to the enterprise platform the company today announced the launch of a dedicated brand called Samsung Business. The sole aim of this brand will be to bridge the gap between Internet of Things and the enterprise market. President and Chief Marketing Officer of Samsung Electronics Won-Pyo Hong delivered a keynote today at CeBIT 2015 and pointed out the great opportunity that businesses can take advantage of by adopting Internet of Things to increase productivity and profit.

“Significant advancements can be made in the business process through the application of IoT in inventory management, energy efficiency and more. However, we first have to overcome the challenges of platform compatibility, data analysis and security in order to accelerate IoT adoption,” he said.

Samsung Business will bring the company’s end-to-end business solution portfolio as well as its tailored offerings for industry-specific uses in education, hospitality, healthcare, retail, finance and transportation under a single umbrella.┬áThe company is also showing off some solutions that apply to these six “experimental” zones at CeBIT 2015 so that enterprise customers can get an idea of what Samsung Business can do for them.



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