Samsung and Kakao working together on artificial intelligence

Samsung has announced that it’s working with Kakao Corp. on artificial intelligence and voice recognition. For those who are unaware, Kakao Corp. operates the most popular mobile messenger in South Korea.

As a result of this partnership between the two companies, the Kakao I artificial intelligence program will be integrated with Bixby, the new digital assistant that Samsung introduced with the Galaxy S8 earlier this year.

Bixby was launched globally only a couple of weeks ago. It only supports English and South Korean langauges. The assistant comes pre-installed on Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 8 flagship as well.

Bixby users in South Korea will see Kakao I-based content and get access to its lifestyle services. Kakao I users will be able to activate their services using Bixby voice commands.

Kakao CEO Rim Ji-hoon says that this partnership with Samsung is evidence that Kakao’s AI platform has a competitive edge. He also said that the company is going to expand its partnership with Samsung to other sectors such as the Internet of Things.

Samsung and Kakao are going to showcase various services and products later this year that have been made possible by the combination of these two platforms. Their cooperation is likely to expand to wearable devices as well.


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