Samsung Galaxy S6 SM-G925F lands in India for testing. Could it be the S6 Edge?

We just broke news about Samsung contemplating a limited edition Galaxy S6 Edge, which would have not one, but two rounded edges around the screen. It appears as though this very model has just landed in India for testing. If you’ve been following SamMobile lately, you’ll have realized that Samsung tests a lot of its upcoming devices in India, and the Galaxy S6 SM-G925F could just be the next in the pipeline. Folks at Galaxy Club found an import listing on Zauba, which suggests the device landed on Indian shores on the 3rd of January.

We’ve only seen computer generated renders of the Galaxy S6 Edge up until now, which made it hard to differentiate the device from a fable. However, these are signs of a real device that’s out in the wild. The listing also points at the invoiced value of the device, which stands at 44,909 INR or roughly US$710. Do you think there’s need of a double-edged rounded screen on a device such as the upcoming Galaxy S6?

s6 edge leak

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